MEERUT: An Indian Army personnel has been arrested in Uttar Pradesh’s Meerut today in connection with the BrahMos spying case. The soldier, part of the Signal Regiment, was picked up by the military intelligence (MI) days after an engineer at the BrahMos Aerospace Private Limited in Maharashtra was arrested by the UP police.

Kanchan Singh, who is from Uttarakhand, has spent 10 years in the Army, but he had been under the intelligence unit’s radar for the last three months. Sources say he was sharing “confidential and vital information” related to the Western Command with the Pakistan intelligence agency ISI.

The UP police say the military intelligence officers informed them about the soldier’s arrest in the morning. The MI officers are said to be questioning him.

 the arrested BrahMos Aerospace engineer, had reportedly been interacting with two Islamabad-based Facebook accounts, the UP police’s Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) had said. The UP police said that Mr Agrawal was in touch with Pakistan’s intelligence operatives through these accounts.

The investigation into the espionage case led to the soldier’s arrest today, UP police said.

“The military intelligence will be able to give more details in the case,” a senior UP police officer told NDTV.


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